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Boek: Creating romantic purses



Patterns & Instructions for unique handbags

Marilyn Green & Carole Cree

Hardcover met stofomslag
uitg. 2006
22 x 27 cm.

“Using wonderful fabrics, trims, and accents, the talented designers from Ruby Tag Bags have created more than 25 fabulous, one-of-a-kind purses that women will have to own and love to make. The design romance begins with classic materials, including colorful crazy quilts, delicate lace, and vintage velvet; unique adornments such as glistening mother-of-pearl buttons; and pretty ribbon and floral embellishments.
Even the project names like Camelot, Polka Dance, and Lady of Spain have a touch of magic.
The collection includes small evening bags, larger totes for travel to those exotic faraway locales, elegant silk designs, and enchanting purses with silver chains, gold linings, and looped fringe.
In addition to showstopping color photos of each project, there are patterns to make construction simple.”

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