Boekje: Samplers

Engels overzicht van merklappen

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“Samplers have a long history in Britain, dating from the sixteenth century. A sampler was originally a collection of patterns gathered together for easy reference to be used in embroidery and needlepoint lace. Later they developed into a schoolgirl’s exercise and today are more often used to record stitches than patterns. This book traces the history of samplers in Britain from the late sixteenth century onwards and includes examples of long, arning, map, school, stich and plain sewing samplers as well as those associated with great events and private griefs and joys. A few samplers are included from others coutries for comparison. Some of the stithces which have been most commonly used have been drawn so that interested readers can make a sampler for themselves.”  (overgenomen van de achterkant van het boekje)

32 pag.
klein formaat: 15 x 21 cm.
auteur: Pamela Clabburn